Thursday, 1 September, 2011

Indian Festivals in the Month of October

October is the month when most of the cities in India comes back to life. During this time, India in different lengths and breadths gets splurge into the happiness of festivity. The people of all sects decorate their homes with various types of accessories. From Southern India to Northern India, all festivals are celebrated in a different way. Details about different festivals of India are as follows:

Mysore Dussehra: Dussehra in celebrated all over India. By burning the effigies of the demon Raavana, people celebrate this festivity as the triumph of good over evil. But Mysore Dusshera holds a great significance in Southern India. Mysore is beautiful city dotted in Karnataka, South India. In most parts of India, Dussehra is celebrated for one day and but in Mysore Dussehra is celebrated for 10 days. In the year 2011, the celebrations for Dussehra will start from 28th September 2011 to 6th October 2011.

However, the main attraction takes place on the last day of the festival. A traditional Dussehra procession (known as Jumboo Savari) winds its way through the streets of Mysore, starting from Mysore Palace and ending in Bannimantap. It features an idol of the Goddess Chamundeshwari, carried atop a lavishly decorated elephant. In the evening, there's a torch-light parade at the Bannimantap grounds on the outskirts of the city. Highlights include fireworks, daredevil stunts on motorcycles, and a laser show.

Mysore Dussehra: When and Where?

The Mysore Dussehra Festival is celebrated from 7:00 Pm to 10:00 Pm. The Mysore Palace is illuminated with 100,000 lights. The venue for Dussehra celebrations are auditorium, grounds, Maharaj’s Chamundi ground and Chamundi hill. During this time various exhibitions, stalls, and contests are also placed in which the locales as well the leisure travelers can participate. The main attraction of this festival is during the last day when a traditional Dussehra procession(known as Jumboo Savari follows the way through streets of Mysore, starting from Mysore Palace and ending in Bannimantap. It features an idol of goddess Chamundeshwari, carried a top a lavishly decorated caparisoned elephant. During the evening time, the torch light parade is also carried in the evening. Apart from the processions, the main highlights of includes fireworks, daredevil stunts on motorcycles and a laser show.

Soorya Dance Festival, Thiruvananathapuram, Kerala: The Soorya dance festival is celebrated in the month of October. It starts from 1st October and ends on 10th October every year. It is celebrated for 10 days. The festival is organized by the Soorya stage and film society. In this festival various dance forms, various sound and light shows, paintings, film festivals, photography and lectures are organized. The travellers who want to get the glimpse of the real Indian culture at the Soorya dance festival.
Venue: Tagore Theatre

Navarathri: Navrathri festival is another festival which is celebrated in every corner of India. This festival is celebrated to offer prayers to the nine goddesses. It is believed that by performing the various holy ablutions according to the Vedic texts could relinquish the devotees from all sins. During this time special pujas, and mythological storey sessions are organized all over India. In Gujarat special Dandiya sessions are organized, in Kerala-the devotees of the goddess organize religious get together, in Kolkota Durga Puja festivity are organized with great interest and devotion. The temples over India are illuminated with colourful lights. During all these nine days special fasts are observed by the people all over India. These fasts are kept to purify the senses and get connected directly with the almighty goddess. On the ninth day, special pujas as well as prayers are performed. In the states like Punjab and Rajasthan, big carnivals are organized in the month of October.

Festival Date of Navrathri: 8 October 2011 to 16 October 2011

Diwali: Diwali this time will be celebrated on 26th October 2011. People on this day burn oil lamps with the aim to create enlightenment and vanish out darkness from their lives. In Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, this festivity lasts for 5 days. In some parts of Uttar Pardesh like Ayodhaya, the preparation for this festivity from 1 month ahead. The people during this eve, ornament their houses with the colourful lights and flowers. The tapestry of colourful lights can be seen all over homes and temples. The temples echo with the voice of Vedic chants. Carnivals, processions and get together are also organized at the regional levels. Prayers being the indispensable part of this festvity, are offered to the Lord Rama duirng the evenings. As Lord Rama returned with his consort Sita after the exile of 14 years, the memoir for that event is kept in the mind and Diwali is celebrated in full swing.

Tuesday, 28 June, 2011

Beaches of Maharashtra

Beaches in Maharashtra have the rich potential to offer a relaxing weekend getaway. Many Mumbaikars have built there farm houses where the travelers could spend holidays in complete seclusion and solitude. Some cultivate flowers, others cultivate mushrooms. Perched in South Western India, you can spend your evening with family or friends. In many ways the beaches of Maharashtra are mirrors to the dynamic culture of India. The beaches are a good place where the vacationers also get infinite numbers of health treatments which can cure the body ailments . If the travelers have penchant for the delectable cuisines of the state, then they must filter there appetite from the useless meals and try the one at the Beaches of Maharashtra. The travelers can get an opportunity to see the cliffs, plateaus, gentle spurs and forts. The best known beaches of Maharashtra are as follows:

Karjat: Karjat is a nice beach for weekend options. The travelers can come here to health resorts, chill out at friends’ farm house. The vacationers who are lucky and have strong penchant for adventure, then they can climb to imposing Maratha forts, attempt some easy treks, or go on a monsoon white water rafting trip on the Ulhas River. From Karjat the travelers can take rickshaw and trail to Kondana Village. From the Kondana Village, the revelers can follow an easy trail to the ruins of rock caves of Kondana Village. These are basically the Buddhists caves complete with stupas, chaitya, Vihara, and sculptures. If the vacationers seek an adrenaline rush adventure, Karjat will oblige. The walk up to the Bhimashankar can be an out of the box experience. To explore Karjat more deeply, the vacationers can spend the day/night at hotels in Karjat.

Malshej Ghat: It is located in Pune district of Maharashtra. Situated at a height of 700m above the sea level, Malshej Ghat is trekker’s and adventure lover’s favorite destination. Malshej Ghat also offers a panoramic beauty of the nature. With a rejuvenating climate, charming mountains, Malshej Ghat is a perfect holiday retreat.
The best time to visit Malshej Ghat is during the winter, when the weather is cool and everything around looks green and fresh. With many lakes and meandering waterfalls, Malshej Ghat is a place where you can relax in solitude. The attractions of Malshej Ghat are the Shivenri Fort, where the great Maratha ruler Shivaji was born, Buddhist caves belonging to the 3rd century, Harishchandragadh, Ozar and Lenyadri, Ganesh and Shiva temples and Bhima River. But the most unique attraction of Malshej Ghat is the migratory flamingos which come during the monsoon.

Kamshet: As the travelers cruise down to the Mumbai-Pune expressway, keep the accelerator down to Lonavala and turn into the nondescript town of Kamshet. The travelers at Kamshet can go for adventure activities. They can grasp the bird’s eye view, give paragliding a try. Located 1189 km from Mumbai, the travelers can reach this destination by road in three hours and by rail in 2 ½ hours. It is 16 km ahead of the twin hill station of Kahndala and Lonavala which is 2100ft above the sea level. The Kondeshwar temple, Bedsa caves, and shopping for quilts in the town of Kamshet. The backpackers can pick up the Indrayani rice, a fragrant variety grown in the area. This destination is a perfect place for the quiet picnic.

Bhimashankar: Garlanded in the state of Maharashtra, Bhimashankar is located 273 km in North East of Mumbai. The sacred Bhimashankar flanks a broad hill top in the Northern Sahyadris. The picturesque post card beauty of this hill station makes Bhimashankar tailor made for travelers in search of a spiritual odyssey midst mountain splendor. The travelers, who want to come in rare communion with the nature, set against the backdrop of a rich Sahyadri wildlife sanctuary. The sanctuary offers a profound spiritual expedition, so when you are done traversing the thickly wooded plateau, you can pay your respects to god before returning to the call of wild. The travelers while on a tour to this place can venture in the Swayambhu Lingam temple. This temple was constructed by Nana Phadnavis, a diplomat from the court of Peshwas. The Bhimashankar has the temple of Guptbheema, the origin of the River Bhima. The worship of sacred groves—forests protected because of their mythical association with a god—is an age old practice in lush Bhimashankar.

Saturday, 14 May, 2011

Amarnath Shrine--The Abode of Lord Shiva

Situated at the height of 14,000ft, it is the only Ice Linga in the world nestled at a great elevation. Thousands of travelers visit this sanctum during the month of August to June when the ice lingam waxes and later wanes with the changing phases of moon. In geographical parlance, it is like any other stalagmite ice formation in the caves which grows in the upward position. The perfect perfectly ice shaped Swayambhu Linga catches an eye of every pilgrim and never fails to amaze them. Such is the hallowing effect of the ice lingam that every pilgrim comes with a miracle story to tell. Since it is believed that Shiva manifested himself on this day, the month of Shravan(August) is said to be most auspicious for the visit.

In mythology, Amaranth is described as the laughter of Lord Shiva. According to legends, Goddess Parvati demanded Lord Shiva to reveal the secret of immortality, but Lord Shiva tried to procrastinate. Being so resolute to her wish, Lord Shiva later decided to indulge her in revealing the secret of cosmos. He searched for a lonely place where no one can reach. Slowly and steadily, he worn out all his belongings, and finally he reached at the place where he could narrate the secret of cosmos. Fortunately, he found that place at the up hill from where he narrated the secret of immortality. Although, there was no human presence in the cave but unknowingly, eggs of pigeons lying under the seat of Lord Shiva heard the truth and became immortal. The roofs in the Amarnath cave from those times have been the permanent abode of those pigeons.

The journey for Amarnath starts from Jammu which ends at Pahalgam. With the total distance of 315kms, the taxi and bus from here charge Rs 4,000 to 6000. The journey goes from Udhampur from it reaches to Dhava, followed by Patnitop, Jwahar tunnel, Qauzigund, Anantanag, Banihal and Pahalgaum. The pilgrimage camp is just 1.5 km from Pahalgaum. At this pilgrimage camp, the travelers can go for a night stay. The accommodations options at Pahalgam include a stay with folding bed and another without folding bed. After recharging the body senses, the pilgrims can move to Chandanwari which can be covered by boarding taxi or bus. But as the word of caution, the pilgrims must book the hotels around Amarnath from where they can also get the taxis booked in advance. From Chandanwari to Amarnath which is 16km, the pilgrims can cover the remaining distance by foot.

The pilgrims as an alternative can also take short route from Jammu via Srinagar followed by Sonmarg and finally Baltal. From Baltal, the travelers can take a route from Sangam top which ascends to the holy cave. The total journey from Jammu via Srinagar followed by Sonmarg is 414 km. The distance from Baltal to Amarnath cave is 14 km which can be covered by foot. Further a few meters ahead, the pilgrims can buy prasadam from the shops set up by JKTDC government. There are separate plastic toilet booths for the pilgrims. Proper cleanliness drives and maintenance tasks are carried by the Jammu and Kashmir government authorities. The hot water facility is also available which can be purchased at the price tag of RS 30 to Rs 40 per bucket.

The shrine opens from 7:00Am to 5:00 pm, during the month of June to August. Depending on the climatic conditions, the timings may vary. The visitors must carry woolens, umbrella and the band aid box for emergency needs.

To make the touring experience more better the pilgrims can also book hotels in Kashmir which can be availed at excellent price tags. There is a vast range of budget as well as luxury hotels in Kashmir which provide a peaceful stay to the pilgrims. So come and get relieved from all the sins, exclusively at Amarnath Shrine.

Thursday, 28 April, 2011

Sight seeings of Manali

Sight seeings of Manali

Manali nestled in Himachal Pradesh, North India is visited by millions of domestic as well as foreign travelers every year. The town known by travelers is actually formed by the clusters of three hills. Each hill has a village and a temple dominating it. Manu Temple, Vashishtha Temple and Dhungri temple are the main three temples worshiped by the locales. Ruled by the erstwhile British kingdom, the tasks of construction and development were never undertaken by them. Perhaps, this also remains one of the key reasons that the travel enthusiasts easily associate themselves with an unspoiled beauty of the region.

In the 60’s and 70’s many Europeans settled here, married locales, discovered yoga and started their own cafes. After the Hippy Tourism, then came the Israeli tourism, young men and women form compulsory military service started arriving in hordes. Manali started getting a global identity as good numbers of travelers commenced visiting this fabulous place on earth. Different restaurants and food cafes offer different types of cuisines. Tibetan, Israeli and Chinese flavors are big hits amongst the travelers coming here. Momos, Pancakes, ginger honey are the famous tongue twisters. At garment shops in Manali the travelers have an opportunity to shop for the unique and traditional attire. The internet cafes here perform the multitasking job of booking tickets, arranging river rafting and para gliding. Besides this, beas, cedar, pir pinjal and Bara Bhangal ranges are the destinations which can put a long lasting effect on the vacationers. Such is the beauty of this hill station that it may leave the traveler spellbound for a few days. The sights seeing of Manali are as follows:

Skiing at Solang: Solang Nallah is a pretty stretch, 13 km from Manali, where most of the area’s adventure activity is centered. The travelers can reach here by bus, taxi or car. The vast ice capped meadows spread here provides an opportunity to try their hands on skiing or other mountain sports. The travelers can also try 10-15 minutes of ride on paragliding which cost around Rs 1000 and Rs 2700 respectively. These 15 minutes rides will take real man out of the travelers who love to enjoy the thrills or frills of risky sky rides.

Rohtang Pass/ Snow Point: The 51 km climb of 13,400 foot high pass is formidable.
But once the travelers reach at the apex point of the pass, they can see the picturesque mountains, superfluous array of glaciers and mud drenched snow peaks at Lahaul Valley below. The travelers can saunter through the vast strips of land in the months of July and September. If the travelers are going in the winter season then they must make a visit to the ‘Snow Point’ before Rohtang. It’s the closest point to Manali. The aspiring travelers can also savor the phenomenal views of the Beas, Rahalla falls, Sonpani glacier and the Chandra Glacier. The hill top of the pass offers the phenomenal views of the dawn which is surely an idyllic exhibition of nature at its best. From Manali Taxi charges Rs 1500-1700 full day return fare. There are good numbers of luxury as well as budget Hotels in Manali consisting of all the necessary facilities. The Manali hotels even at high elevation point take care of all the luxuries and comforts of the travelers. Special arrangements and royal suites are also available for the honeymoon couples. Hot water geysers, platter of meals, cab facility, soft cushioned beds, staff on call, 24 hours room service are the facilities which can be availed at the price tags suiting every pocket. The travelers can also avail Manali Tour Packages in which the travelers schedule is planned according to the comprehensively designed itinerary.

Reach ability: The nearest air port to Manali is Bhuntar Airport is 50 km away and it takes around 2 hours to reach here by taxi. If the travelers aspire to come by train, then the most feasible rail head in terms of reach ability is Chandigarh. It takes 8 hours to reach Chandigarh by taxi and it charges 2100 rupees. The journey by road is 551km which is a 14 hour drive From Delhi drive to Chandigarh via Panipat, karnal and Ambala. The travelers can also take HPTC buses which Rs 800 to 1800 for A/C and Volvo buses.

Saturday, 12 March, 2011

Beaches of Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh situated in Southern India is adorned with good numbers of emerald beaches. These beaches collectively being the parts of Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean have opened many vistas for the vacationers which simply make unwinding possible.

The Beaches of Andhra Pradesh are fabulous tourist attractions surrounded by verdure hills, bustling wild life and palm trees. Such is the beauty of Andhra Pradesh that the soul of the vacationers will be filled with the spiritual bounty. In this aspect, Vishakhapatnam remains an unrivaled contender amongst the chain of beaches present in Andhra Pradesh. The beaches of Andhra Pradesh which can be visited by the vacationers are as follows:

Rushikonda: Rushikonda just 8 km from Vizag, this beach is splurged in the golden glaze of sand. The travelers during their spare time can laze around this beach with family or friends or someone really special. The honeymoon couples visiting these beaches have an excellent opportunity to explore each other in complete sanctity and seclusion.

Dolphin Nose: The Dolphin Nose and the port, known for its commanding view is also a marvelous place to stroll. This destination fascinates every vacationer. The sun rise and sun set remains the must sees of the region. The light house 358 meters above sea level, endows the travelers with the bird’s eye view of the whole place.

Ramakrishna Beach: Located at a commutable distance of few kilometers, Ramakrishna mission beach is vizag’s most favorite sojourn. This destination is garlanded by lush green hills which makes it an exciting rejuvenation spot. An aquarium, Kali Temple, Vishakha museum, a rare Submarine museum and the road side restaurants offering sumptuous sea food remains the other attractions. The hotels in Ramakrishna beach located near by the beach can also be availed by the revelers. There are many budget as well as luxury Hotels in Ramakrishna mission beach which are assured to make the entire stay of the vacationers simply a great experience.

Narsapur: Narsapur dotted with infinite numbers of temples is nestled about 128 km from Eluru and 440 km from Hyderabad. The Perupalem Beach in the same area is perched 20 km from the town. The travelers while on a visit to this place can also go for the best buys popular at this place. The important finds for the shoppers here include dining sets, handkerchiefs, pillow covers, curtains, table cloth, and bed sheets. The Durga Laxmaneshwara temple is another attraction in the region.

Suryalanka Beach: Suryalanka Beach is a blissful tourist spot which is still not known to many. This beach lying in complete state of incognito is adorned with peace, where a visit can most surely be an invigorating experience for the first timers. Suryalanka beach located 9 km from Baptala, Guntur and attracts many vacationers during weekends and holidays, offers pure relaxation amidst the pristine cusp of nature. There are also good numbers of resorts and Hotels in Suryalanka Beach which are assured to provide a comfortable stay to the revelers.

Vodarevu: Nestled 6 km from Chirala and 35 km from Guntur, Vodarevu is a charming and scenic beach. It is a popular weekend Getaway for all those seeking to move away from the hustle and bustle of city life. This beach is an ideal place to enjoy a weekend break . Another captivating beach in the same region is located, 6 km from Vodarevu.

The Haritha hotels at all the above mentioned beaches provide an excellent stay to the travelers seeking for complete comfort and luxury. There are also budget and luxury Hotels in Andhra Pradesh which are assured to suit every budget with a great ease. Besides accommodation, the travelers must not forget to splurge their senses into mouth watering cuisines of Andhra Pradesh. The sea food offered by road side restaurants must not be given a miss by any chance.

The APTDC offers tailor made itineraries which specially schedules a visit to all the above mentioned beaches. If our words have really boosted your morale, then pack your bags and unwind yourself at the Beaches of Andhra Pradesh, still untouched and pristine.

Thursday, 3 February, 2011

Tarkarli Beach

Situated in Maharashtra, 533 km from south of Mumbai, Tarkarli is like a shining jewel in the emerald beaches of konkan belt. The dinghy lanes, swaying palm trees and the cacophonous sound of the sea waves all combine to make Tarkarli an exotic destination. The wrinkling sea shore of the region boasts the finest talcum powder sand to be found along the Konkan.

The water is so clear that you can see the sea bed up to the depth of 15ft or more. Laze in the hammock or stroll around, this beach is definitely the right place to recharge your senses in complete sanctity. While on a walk, the travelers if fortunate enough could figure turtle laying eggs on the beach side which can bestow the revelers a chance to click some photographs and capture them in the camera. Near by, in vicinity are the Kolamb and Achra beach. These two beaches are the perfect tourist destinations for all those revelers seeking for a complete peace and seclusion. Tarkarli has an 8-km coastline which makes it ideal destination for an early morning walk. Here you can enjoy the feel of soft sand digging sand under your feet. Overlooked by a dynamic town of Malvan, the commanding view of the region will surely leave your eyes with reverence. The market place in close proximity held between 5:00 Pm to 7:00 Pm is braced with few restaurants which are quiet less to feed many mouths. But still the food they offer is quiet satiating to the senses as well as soul. Fishes are auctioned every day here. Boats for Sindhugurg Sea forts leave at regular 5-10 minutes from a special tourist pier in Malvan. In the off season country craft leave at regular 15 minutes and in monsoon after every one hour if you are lucky. There is also a marine sanctuary which holds marine festival every year.

The little fish village of Deobagh, lies wedged between the sea and Karli river. The pleasant little walk at the beach side just before the sunset would surely greet the revelers with the new lease of life. After the long day of hard work, the local populaces bustling in the region unwind their routine work and later, go for a siesta break. Men repairing nets, kids playing games and the star fish drawing different patterns in the sand would take you in the times immemorial when simplicity remained endemic. Besides this, if you think that you have discovered every thing then may be you are wrong. Don’t leave Tarkarli without clambering on to the MTDC houseboat. Like the backwaters of Kerala, the Karli River serves as the lifeline for the folks who daily commute from one sea shore to another. The daily businesses of the region are carried by these beaten boats which ferry residents, life stock farm produce and furniture. The backwater cruises were also launched during the year 2003 by MTDC. The MTDC thatched beach restaurant fronts are the excellent eateries in the region. There are also few resorts run by the families residing in the region. The restaurants made in shacks, offers the revelers to splurge their senses in the appetizing cuisines. The kokum berries, spicy flavors and the fish come straight out of the nets heightens the epicurean experience.

The nearest airport is Dabolim Goa which is around I60 km and takes 2 hours to reach by taxi. The travelers can also board the train namely Konkan Kanya express from Kudai railway station which is 1 hour way from the beach. Mahad and Chiplun are the major en route halts. So if you are driving a car then turn off NH17 at Kasal. 15 km ahead of Kankavali, catch SH 118 to Malvan which is 33 km away. Tarkarli is 7km further down the Malvan Coast. The regular ST buses also ply from Mumbai to the different regions of Tarkarli. There are good numbers of Hotels in Tarakli beach which are blessed with one of the best spate of faculties. The Hotels in India adhering to similar standards come in varied range of price tags. MTDC holiday resort, Apoorva resort and Ramesh Mithbavkar’s home are some of the luxury and budget accommodations in the same series.

The Malvani Cuisines of the region are quiet famous and its sense provoking aroma can be best remembered in the form of cherished memoirs. So come and get lazed on the white sand of the Tarakrli Beach. The picturesque landscapes of the region are waiting for your first footsteps. So come and get yourself rejuvenated at Tarakrli beach.

Wednesday, 19 January, 2011

Wedding Destinations: wings for your whims and fancies

The word wedding always create some strange kind of goose bumps amongst the young bustling populace girding in their marriageable age or still looking for a right match. By talking about marriage, you may seem like giving a tacit smile; as per our assumptions. Perhaps giving a new height to the pace of thoughts, tying a nuptial knot under the bask of shining sunlight, swaying palm trees, surging sea waves, snow draped hills are the faculties that could certainly compel you to think about planning your marriage in advance. These wedding destinations include Umaid Bhawan, Jodhpur, Goa, Kerala, Devigarh Palace-Udaipur, Lakshwadeep Islands, Dhanauti and Ranthambore. Gone are the days when people in the late 60’s, 70’s, 80’ or 90’s used to organize their weddings in a complete retro style. The words like innovation and uniqueness were still unheard for the ears. But in the 21st century AD, the above mentioned terms got new lease of life and today if calculated in robust figures, wedding industry continues to grow at 25 percent annually. The theme weddings are becoming hot favorites and hiring a wedding planner has become a style statement amongst the cluster of crowds who love to make this gala event a memorable affair. To provide you with the best spate of options, the aspiring enthusiasts can take a glance at the detailed description of 7 most fabulous wedding destinations in India which are as follows:

Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur: The Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur is etched out of the Golden sandstone which is an art integrated marvel. Savoring you with the taste of glitz and glamour, this palace has been graced with the special demeanor. The oodles of marble instilled on the floors, the captivating minarets and a hospitable welcome in a complete royal style can be something which could definitely make you feel like then real titans of the world. A single visit to this place would leave your eyes freeze. Built to cater the royal ceremonies, this palace is known to have hosted the nuptials of actress Elizabeth Hurley and Indian businessman Arun Nayar.

Goa: Known as the Rome of East of Rome, Goa is famous for its beach wedding. Its pristine beaches, vast stretches of swaying palms and breathtaking canopies, all combine to fulfill the motif of a dream wedding. There are many beach resorts, and Hotels in Goa which could definitely gives its way to a new form of carnal desire. Getting lazed on the emerald beaches, and watching the evening sunset is what Goa has to offer. If you want to host a private celebration then its better recommended choosing the secluded beach resorts or hotels in Goa.

Kerala: Seamless chanting of the Vedic mantras against the backdrop of the house boats veering in the crystal backwaters would off course bestow the wedding enthusiasts with the experience completely mundane but still unique in every sense. Garlanded with the immaculate spate of natural faculties like coffee and tea plantations, azure skies, bewitching emerald beaches, and houseboats, Kerala is surely the destination made for hosting weddings. Kerala genuinely offers the India of your imagination. Strolling hand in hand with your bride or groom, you will definitely be blessed with the series of memorabilia. The beach resorts and hotels in Kerala bestow the revelers with an opportunity to get laced in complete state of trance with your spouse, thus leaving all your worries behind.

Devigarh Palace Udaipur: If you still remember the glitz of Vikram Chatwaal’s wedding at Devigarh Palace, Udaipur, then may be the next wedding could be yours. Perched in the Aravlli Hills, it is an 18th century palace, which was once the throne of kings and queens. This palace certainly looks like a dreamland intricately placed by the god on earth. It was recently re-styled in a sleek contemporary way to suit the tastes of the people hailing from higher echelons of society. There are many luxury and semi luxury suites in the palace, professed to provide the vacationers with the much desired king size weddings.

Lakshwadeep Islands: Planning a wedding at Laskhwadeep islands can be an ideal thought. Blessed with coral reefs, swindling palm trees, and the lush green forests, Lakshwadeep is an incomparable destination best suited to the instincts of the honeymoon couples as wedding enthusiasts seeking to splurge themselves in the feeling of romanticism. The Hotels in Lakshwadeep situated near the calm beaches offer the revelers with an option to make your entire wedding ceremony a private affair. So if you are still brooding over the nexus of unnecessary alternatives just take a deep breathe and think about holding a wedding; nearby the serene beaches of Lakshwadeep.

Dhanolti: Located in Uttrakhand, this destination gives you a new flight of ecstasy and ebullience. Dotted with the spell binding beauty, Oak and Deodar trees, the pandal set amidst the dainty landscapes would surely encrust imbibing impressions on your senses. Priests chanting the mantras and you with a benign smile on your face looking at your spouse are surely a divine feeling in every sense. If you really want to splurge yourself in this divine feeling, then it is recommended to make an advance booking in the Hotels in Dhanolti. Moreover, hiring a wedding planner, can obviously give a new facelift to your wedding and icing on the cake, Dhanolti will become the most cherish able part of memories.

Ranthambore: From the times immemorial Dhanolti has witnessed the swaggering wedding of the comedian Russell Brand and American pop singer kate perry. Getting your knot tied in the enveloped wilderness looks like a dream come true. Ranthambore is place opulent of tigers, migratory birds and extinct creatures. Located 130 km from Jaipur, there are immense number of Hotels in Ranthambore which would bestow you with the strong feeling of indulgence with someone really special and charming to you. The weeding enthusiasts can explore the spectacular view of its still untamed beauty. While you tie yourself in the soulful knot, the camaraderie with nature will shower flowers on you and simply making your marriage an invincible and successful instance.